Medium Slow Feeder Hay Net


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Superior quality medium (55 cm x 65 cm) slow feeder hay net with free snap bolt for easy hanging and toggle closure for quick and simple filling.

A slow feed hay net is an excellent way to keep your horse busy and his digestive system healthy. Horses are grazing animals, and their digestive system is designed to have a constant flow of fibre. That's exactly what this hay net delivers. The 3.5 cm holes are the perfect size for slowing down the consumption of hay, but large enough for the novice horse to get to grips with this fabulous feeding method. Don't just take our word for it - watch the video below to see how well different horses handle their first encounter with our slow feeder hay net.

The hay net is made from silky knot-less netting which is durable but soft on your horse's mouth. All of the seams have been heat-sealed and over-locked to ward off the worst assaults from your most destructive horse!

Each net holds one generous biscuit of hay and has a handy toggle closure for quick and simple filling. No more struggling with stubborn knots.

A free snap bolt is included so you can hang it up and start using it straight away.

Feeding time just got a whole lot easier.

Slow Feeder Hay Net Benefits

  • Holds one generous biscuit of hay with room to spare (65 cm long x 55 cm wide)
  • Saves money by preventing hay wastage
  • Perfectly biscuit-shaped for easy filling
  • 3.5 cm square holes which are small enough for slow feeding but big enough for newbies
  • Netting size is great for all horses and ponies
  • 5mm green knot-less netting which is very strong but soft on your horse's mouth
  • Heat-sealed and over-locked seams for strength and durability
  • Great alternative to feed bags which allow horses to gorge their hay
  • Keeps horses busy so they are happier and more content
  • Mimics natural grazing for optimum digestive health
  • Excellent for other grazing animals, not just horses
  • Free snap bolt for quick and easy hanging
  • Free toggle closure saving time as you don't have to tie the drawstring
  • 100% money back guarantee