Bareback Pads and Why You Might Need One.

Posted by Pampered Pony on 25th May 2016

Riding bareback is one of the fastest and most fun ways to develop your skill as a rider. Not only will you gain superb balance as you try to stay on, you will use and develop muscles you never knew y … read more

Caring For Your New Leather Bridle

Posted by Pampered Pony on 25th May 2016

So, you've bought a new leather bridle that you absolutely LOVE, but you've no idea how to keep it looking fabulous. Luckily for you, we do. Read on...Before using your bridle for the first timeLeathe … read more

Looking After Your New Bling Browband

Posted by Pampered Pony on 16th Feb 2015

Your new bling browband has arrived and you are delighted by how sparkly and gorgeous it looks. Unfortunately, it won't stay that way unless you show it some love. Here's a few tips to keep it 'blingi … read more